UGC   –  CARE CRITERIA LIST  :    Shikshan Sanshodhan

 ‘Shikshan Sanshodhan’ has followed all required UGC – CARE journals listing criteria and methodology of score/point. Anyone can check link wise details as per UGC requirements. 

Recommend  Shikshan Sanshodhan  for  UGC – CARE  Journals listing : Universities/Colleges officials, Research Director, Dean and teaching staff are requested to recommend ‘Shikshan Sanshodhan’ journal with ready details.              (Ready  UGC-CARE  form file for download)   
‘Shikshan Sanshodhan’ is a Peer-Reviewed Journal and it is valid as per UGC regulations on minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges  (Date:18/07/2018)
Journal Information
Criteria Answer Score
The journal has a website which provides full postal and email addresses of Chief Editor and Editors, and at least some of these addresses are verifiable official addresses.

1. The website provides complete instructions to authors/reviewers

Y  1
2. The journal has a well-defined peer-review and publication policy

Y  1
3. The journal has a well-defined Ethics policy

Y 1
4. The journal has a declared frequency of publication each year

Y 1
5. The journal is published regularly and in time following its declared frequency

Y 1
6. The journal claims that it is indexed in a given database and this claim is verified

Y  1
7. Journal levies submission/publication charges

8. Since when is the journal being regularly published from – 

Final Score