The authors should note that there is no submission fee; however, there is a reasonable publication fee of each accepted article/paper to meet the cost of Website-server Management and maintenance, Article /paper processing, Typesetting, copy-editing, Language correction, tagging-electronic archiving/indexing, Printing, Electronic composition and production, hosting the final article/paper on dedicated servers, Office cum admin expenses and other recurring expenses. The Journal accepts a Publication and Handling Fee only from Authors after their manuscripts has been accepted for Publication by the Managing Editor.

Note: Authors have to pay Directly into our given account number. (Take screen shot/photocopy of transaction details)

Indian Author Payment options International Author Payment options
  • NEFT / RTGS 
  • Internet banking   /  Bank App
  • Online transaction with bank cash counter machine.
  • Debit/Credit card  option on our website.
  • Any payment App  – i.e –   Paytm, BHIM,  PhonePe, 
  • Paypal ID   or    Paypal Debit/Credit card  payment option  (Online Payment – on our website)
  • Western Union    (Direct into our bank account)
  • Any International Forex transfer service   (Direct into our bank account)

After paying fees in Bank A/C. send scanned PDF of payment slip (bank/online / PayPal or other transfer with transaction ID) along with manually filled Copyright Agreement form as scanned PDF within 2-3 days to the Editor on   –

These fees is for paper file up to 4000 words / 15 Pages / 5 MB ( For above limit some charge will be extra)

Publication Fees                                   (* Transaction charge & tax extra  Rs. 50 INR / $ 5 USD)
 Author(s) from :  Developing Countries
 Rs.750 INR   /  $ 20 USD    (1 to 2 Author)                                                         Rs.1050 INR   /  $ 35 USD   (3 to 4 Author) 
 (for additional author charges will be Rs.100 INR / $ 5 USD per author)                                            Hard copy of certificate  per Author  Rs.100 INR / $ 15 USD   (Only Postal Charge)

 Author(s) from: Developed Countries
 $ 45 USD   (1 to 2 Author)                                                                                     $ 60 USD   (3 to 4 Author) 
 (for additional author charges will be $ 10 USD per Author).
 Above fees include E – Certificate.                                                                                                              Hard copy of certificate  per Author  $ 15 USD   (Only Postal Charge)

Journal subscription ( monthly – combined soft copy) :  2000 INR    /  $ 250 USD

Journal subscription ( yearly – 12 issue soft copy) :  10,000 INR    /  $ 2500 USD

Foreign Author: Pay Publication Fees  by using PayPal  ID  or  Debit/Credit Card

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Indian Author: Pay Publication Fees Online by using Debit/Credit Card 

Author wise Category    (with transaction charge 50 INR) Pay by clicking
Rs.750 INR  ( 1 to 2 Author )  with free soft copy of certificate
Rs.850 INR  ( 1 to 2 Author + 1 Hard copy of certificate )
Rs.950 INR  ( 1 to 2 Author + 2 Hard copy of certificate )
Rs.105 INR   Single Hard copy of Certificate / Additional Author
Rs.1050 INR  ( 3 to 4 Author )  with free soft copy of certificate
Rs.1350 INR  ( 3 to 4 Author + 3 Hard copy of certificate )
Rs.1450 INR  ( 3 to 4 Author + 4 Hard copy of certificate )

 * Paid Publication fees is non refundable.